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9,816 Bottles Saved

In 16 days, the Newark Water Coalition has distributed over 1,200 gallons of water with the Water Box. This is almost 10,000 in 16oz single-use plastic bottles saved! Shout out to 501CTHREE and Jaden

COVID-19 in the East Ward

The NWC is conscious that there is an uptick in COVID-19 cases in the East Ward of Newark. We as organization also know that clean water is always a necessity. NWC wants to maintain the safety of our

Know Your Rights Workers Webinar

Learn the laws your employer MUST follow in the workplace. Protect yourself. Protect NJ workers. Join us every Tuesday at 6:30pm (November 24-December 15). Email us at t


The Newark Water Coalition shows up with clean water in Newark where we need to. Our intention is to cultivate a self-determined local, national, and international community of people who recognize the connection between systemic environmental racism and capitalism. NWC fights to liberate clean water as a source of life for all, particularly the oppressed and vulnerable.

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