Know Your Rights Workers Webinar

Learn the laws your employer MUST follow in the workplace.

Protect yourself. Protect NJ workers.

Join us every Tuesday at 6:30pm (November 24-December 15). Email us at to join.

We are reaching out to all our water warriors community because we are concerned for your safety during this COVID pandemic. We have joined the Protect NJ Workers Coalition for this reason.

If you or your family members work at factories, restaurants, schools, laundromats or any other business within NJ and you would like to know your rights regarding protections from this virus, we will be offering a 2 hour training to ensure you are aware of the newly enacted executive order, how to protect yourselves and your family and how to hold your employers accountable collectively.

Our goal is to offer this training several times over the next few months beginning next week. We will conduct training every Tuesday evening (6:30pm) over zoom.

(Nov 24, 2020 - December 15, 2020)

You deserve to know your rights

You deserve to be informed of your employers requirements by law

You deserve support if your rights are violated at your workplace


Contact us if you would like support and would like to sign up for training.

Nosotros estamos comunicando con nuestra comunidad porque estamos preocupados por su salud y seguridad durante la pandemia de COVID. Nos unimos con Protect NJ Workers Coalition, una coalición para proteger los derechos de trabajadores en el estado de Nueva Jersey.

Si usted o alguien en su familia trabaja en factories, restaurantes, escuelas, lavanderías o cualquier otro negocio en NJ y desean saber sus derechos sobre el COVID, incluyendo métodos de protección, nosotros estamos ofreciendo un entrenamiento de 2 horas incluyendo esta información y la nueva orden ejecutiva sobre el COVID.

Los entrenamientos se ofrecen cada Martes empezando Noviembre 24, 2020 (6:30pm) en ZOOM. (Nov 24, 2020 - Diciembre 15, 2020).

Usted merece saber sus derechos

Usted merece saber los requisitos que su empleador esta supuesto de implementar sobre COVID

Usted merece recibir apoyo en defender sus derechos cuando su empleador se opone proteger a usted y otros empleados sobre COVID


por favor responda si desea recibir el entrenamiento o necesita apoyo en reportar violaciones de la ley


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