January 30, 2019: Water crisis continues in Newark – Is it New Jersey’s Flint?

March 12, 2019: Newark residents hold rally, demand cleaner drinking water


March 13, 2019: Baraka lays out his vision for the state’s largest city

March 13, 2019: Wealthy N.J. towns would not stand for this kind of water, angry protesters say

June 24, 2019: Fight For Clean Water with The Newark Water Coalition


July 18, 2019: 'Newark Is What Keeps Me Up At Night,' Says Pediatrician Who Exposed Lead Levels in Flint


August 12, 2019: Newark Distributes Bottled Water After Lead Contamination Found


August 14, 2019: Community Groups Protest, Demanding Mayor Baraka To Resign for Lying About Newark Lead Crisis


August 15, 2019: Newark Water Crisis: Lawsuit Seeks Bottled Water To Be Delivered, N.J.’s DEP Commish To Meet With Feds

August 15, 2019: Newark residents take city to court over drinking water crisis


August 17, 2019: There's lead in Newark's water. A mom worries her 5-year-old is 'being poisoned'


August 19, 2019: 'I feel like I'm in another country': Inside America's latest lead water crisis


August 19, 2019: Newark's lead contamination crisis could be worse than Flint's. Residents say the city is handling it all wrong.

August 26, 2019: Newark to replace 18,000 water leads


August 26, 2019: 5 arrested as activists demand clean water in Newark


August 26, 2019: Protesters descend on MTV’s Video Music Awards angry about Newark lead crisis


August 27, 2019: "Will you let Flint happen to Newark?" Protestors storm the VMAs to bring attention to water crisis


August 27, 2019: 'I Don't Care If We're An Inconvenience... Fix The Water!' Activists Protest MTV VMA’s In Newark


October 27, 2019: Protesters gather outside MTV VMAs to demand clean water in Newark

August 30, 2019: Newark’s Video Music Awards can’t mask water crisis horror


September 6, 2019: Corporations can’t fix Newark’s water problem


September 6, 2019: All Politics R Local show with Al Moassab Newark Water Coalition


September 10, 2019: In Midst of Newark's Water Crisis, Local Activists Say Cory Booker Should Spend More Time at Home


September 10, 2019: Booker’s Senate seat is being kept warm for him

September 14, 2019: Förorenat dricksvatten i Newark får invånare att frukta en upprepning av Flintskandalen: "Det är skrämmande"


September 16, 2019: ‘Baraka lied to us all,’ Newark water group says. ‘We call for change.’


September 17, 2019: Newark Clean Water Activists Keep Pressure On Elected Officials


October. 3, 2019: Toxic lead, scared parents and simmering anger: A month inside a city without clean water


October 3, 2019: Baraka Battles Critics at Newark Lead Water Crisis Town Hall Meeting


October 7, 2019: Black Women Are Leading the Charge in the Fight for Clean Water in Newark


October 8, 2019: Newark Officials Said There Was No Lead In Schools' Water, Data Shows Otherwise


October 2019: Organizing from the Margins: Speaking Freely on Lived-Experiences, Protest, and Princeton


October 30, 2019: The Laura Flanders Show: Newark Pledges $120mil For Infrastructure But What About The Human Cost Of Lead Poison?

November 1, 2019: Rally On Newark Water Crisis: 'Give Kids A Voice,' Activists Say


November 7, 2019: Noneillah Talk Show: Interview with Newark Water Coalition Founders who staged a protest at MTV VMA's


November 14, 2019: A Determined Group of Newark Residents Fights for Clean Drinking Water

January 26, 2020: Founder Of Newark Water Coalition Anthony Diaz Talks Lead on Jersey Matters


January 29, 2020: Flint Residents May Now Sue Government Officials Over Contaminated Water


January 30, 2020: U.S. Supreme Court deals rare victory to Flint residents suing over the city's water crisis


February 3, 2020: Contaminated water in Newark threatens residents' health and strains finances


March 2, 2020: Residents Protest Turtle Back Zoo Expansion


March 5, 2020: Student-Led Rally to Save South Mountain Reservation Draws Hundreds


March 8, 2020: Area residents, youths protest zoo expansion


March 10, 2020: As Newark Replaces Lead Service Lines, Advocates Say Residents Are Still At Risk


March 15, 2020: Newark’s Lead Crisis Isn’t Over: “People Are Still Drinking Water That They Shouldn’t”

March 30, 2020: Newark Activist, Green Party Candidate Discuss Coronavirus Crisis

April 7, 2020: Protesters Defy Coronavirus Lockdown In Newark, Keep Heat On ICE

April 14, 2020: Columbia High School’s Environmental Club Hosts Virtual Earth Week Events, All Are Welcome

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April 27, 2020: War On Water

May 4, 2020: The Newark Water Coalition Working Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

May 6, 2020: Big Milestone For Newark's Lead Water Crisis As City Fights Virus


June 12, 2020: Protesters march through Newark handing out water, food and baby supplies


June 25, 2020: South Ward Residents, City Official Clash with Local Advocacy Group During Mutual Aid March


June 25, 2020: Newark Will Take $12M From Police, Reinvest In Social Services


June 25, 2020: There is Still Lead in Newark’s Water


June 30, 2020: Dear Mayor Ras Baraka: Newark Water Coalition Mutual Aid March disrupted. We demand answers!


July 12, 2020: 21 million Americans didn't have access to safe drinking water in 2015. A lack of clean water can put people at higher risk of getting COVID-19.