What We Do


The Newark Water Coalition is an advocacy group that has declared the Newark water contamination crisis a Public Health Emergency. 


We are working together to inform and educate the residents and other consumers about the dangers and ailments that are associated with the contaminants in the water. 


We call on our government stakeholders, healthcare providers, faith and community-based organizations to make this public health crisis a priority, allocate adequate funding to fix our infrastructure and Clean Water now!!! 

Newark Water Coalition Demands

  1. Every residence needs to be provided with a point of entry filter until the pipes are replaced!​

  2. Blood testing for all residents in all wards! ​

  3. A fully funded, comprehensive treatment plan available for residents with lead poisoning for a minimum of 10 years! ​

  4. No one in Newark should have to pay a water utility bill until their home water lead level is reliable at zero or service and main lines! ​

  5. Mandatory independent testing and monitoring in every household and apartment. Test the pipes in the house, the supply to the house and the street pipe. This information will be delivered to individuals, even renters.


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