need water? Saturday Water Distribution, 11am-2pm

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We have partnered with 501CTHREE to bring a more sustainable water solution to Newark. The Water Box is a mobile water filtration system that uses proven methods to reduce heavy metals like lead and eliminate harmful bacteria from the water producing ten gallons a minute. It allows us to distribute reusable plastic jugs of water at no cost to the residents of Newark. Help our community become more self-sustainable and self-reliant!


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Who is a water warrior?

We like to shout out our supporters all the time! Anyone can be considered a water warrior. If you have given time energy or money to the struggle for clean water than consider yourself a water warrior!

What does your donation mean?

$10 = 10 Gallons


On average we give out 3 gallons to every family.

On average a person uses 80 to 100 gallons a day!

Join the fight!

Money is great but time is better. We need people to make deliveries and make calls. We need graphic designers and people to make copies.There is all kind of work that needs to be done. Join the fight today!


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The Newark Water Coalition shows up with clean water in Newark where we need to. Our intention is to cultivate a self-determined local, national, and international community of people who recognize the connection between systemic environmental racism and capitalism. NWC fights to liberate clean water as a source of life for all, particularly the oppressed and vulnerable.

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