Covid Update

The Newark Water Coalition is still working in the age of Covid. We are currently doing no contact home deliveries of water to people's home. Our biggest dilemma is securing the water. In the past we have received donations to hold us over and we would purchase bulk orders of water from our local Shoprite. During the Covid crisis the Newark Water Coalition was told it could not purchase water in bulk anymore. We currently, were able to make a purchase of 40 cases from Home Depot and we immediately exhausted that supply within two days. The double crisis that has hit Newark is affecting families in terrible ways. Some people that have reached out to us have no means to transport the water or sometimes the monetary capability to purchase the water. They seek us out because they know we are a community organization that asks for nothing in return.

Another issue that has risen during this pandemic is the quarantine orders. In some areas of Newark there are literally police barricades to stop people from driving down certain streets while other areas in Newark are free. There are also checkpoints throughout the city where police are asking your reason for travel. This has hindered the process but has not stopped the work. One of our fears is that there will come a time where we are unable to do the work of providing clean water to the people of Newark."

-- Anthony Diaz, co-founder, Newark Water Coalition.


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